Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Savvy Shopper Badge interview due Friday

Since we are having our meeting on Friday, we will take the opportunity to discuss our next activity which will get us closer to earning our Savvy Shopper Badge.  At the last meeting, each girl was given an index card with interview questions for a family member.  If your daughter didn't make the meeting or forgot the questions, here they are:
1. Have you ever had buyer's remorse?
2. What was the item you bought?
3. Did you save money for a long period of time before you bought it?
4. What decisions did you have to make before buying it?
5. How did you feel right after you bought it?
6. How did you feel a month after you bought it?
7. Did your feelings change?
8. Why?
They should ask these questions to a family member and come Friday ready to share the answers they found with the troop.