Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January badge and Friday-1st one to contact me gets it!

We have 1 booth spot open for this Friday at the China Spring Dollar Store from 4pm to 6pm--this includes the 5:00-after-work-crowd and payday!--a potential good cookie selling shift!  Please let me know if you are available to work it.  The first person to notify me gets the shift.

Each girl should have come home with a sheet of construction paper.  Please take the opportunity to see how physically fit your daughter is.  We have some pretty athletic girls-so I'm betting we are at the top of the charts for the Presidential Physical Fitness Challenge.  Please have them see how many sit-ups and how many push-ups they can do (before quitting-no time limit).  Then map out a 1 mile run in your neighborhood or use one of the school tracks and time the girls on how long it takes them to run 1 mile.  Just send the paper back with them at the next meeting.  {This is a requirement for their 100 year badge.}

Also be sure that you are counting (tally marks is fine) how many boxes of each kind of cookie that you are selling at your booths.  Turn these into me as you turn in your money.