Monday, January 9, 2012

Friday's meeting wrap up

We started our meeting Friday discussing what we learned from our buyer's remorse interviews, then we talked about and practiced good saleswoman behaviors and tips--important for small business (with our upcoming cookie sales in mind!)  We then had hands on fun by creating posters and pins to "market" our cookie sale.  We also took one more step toward our Savvy Shopper Badge by creating a collage out of cut up magazines showing all the items we would buy for ourselves.  We then talked about  the cost of the items-whether we would have to save money for a long time or short time to purchase them.

We only had 3 girls (Paige, Elisabeth, and Hope) at the meeting Friday, so I'm putting online the make-up work for badges. 
1.  discuss with one of the troop leaders what you learned from your buyer's remorse interview (Savvy Shopper Badge)
2.  practice a firm handshake and show us at the next meeting.  also discuss appearance, smile, greeting, etc of a good saleswoman (Cookie CEO Badge)
3.  prepare a collage (of at least 5 items) that you would buy for yourself and state if each item would be purchased using a long term or short term savings (Savvy Shopper Badge)