Friday, September 30, 2011

NUT SALES--less than 12 hours to go...

MEET ME AT 6:00 at the PAC on Friday if you would like your order forms to go ahead and get started selling tomorrow.  Remember there are only 10 days!
Otherwise, meeting Monday at 6:15-bring your homework card, empty cereal box, first aid supplies and arts/craft supplies.  We will create our kits and recycle our paper trash into something useful!
Parents!  ALL Parents!!  Please plan to attend our meeting from 7:15-7:30.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Time for Nut Sales---LOTS of actvities to fundraise for

Nut Sales will begin this Saturday-October 1, 2011!  We only have 10 days to take orders--SO--if you would like your order forms so you can get started before our Monday meeting--I will be at the PAC (China Spring Performing Arts Center at CSMiddle School) at 5:00 on Friday and can give you your order forms then--otherwise you can call me and we can try to meet up or your girl can get hers on Monday, October 3, 2011 at our regular meeting!  Our meeting will last from 6:15-7:30 Monday.
We are also going to be doing magazine sales for the entire month of October and I will get information to the girls about that one on Monday.  Please be safe but encourage the girls to sell as this is our chance to get our troop going and will save us parents money later on this year.  Plus I think the girls will have a tremendous sense of accomplishment if they are able to pay for their activities on their own.
We are raising money for several big things--mark your calendars!
the big 100 year celebration campout will take place on April 20, 21, 22nd.   It will be held at the Sherwood Forest in McDade Texas.
Also, I would like to plan and fundraise for a trip for the girls to Savannah, Georgia to visit the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low-A HUGE GIRL SCOUT "RITE OF PASSAGE" in 2013!
AND--Badge opportunity coming up on October 15th from 2:00-6:00--details on Monday at our meeting!

Child ID-free!!

I had my children recorded with "Child ID" at Waco Cultural Arts Festival this month.  Its a great idea for all of us and FREE!
Below is a list of upcoming events. Feel free to invite your friends and family and bring a child you may not have had IDed yet.

Home Depot
9-1 PM

Special Olympics
Baylor Intramural Center
9-2 PM

University High
5-8 PM

Robinson National Night Out
Robinson City Park
4-7 PM

Heart of Texas Soccer
10-2 PM

Child ID Fiesta De La Raza
2-7 PM

Fall Festival Special Needs Network
Crestview Church of Christ Community Center
1-4 PM

Hewitt Community Center
9-12 PM

First Baptist Woodway Fall Festival
First Baptist Woodway
5-9 PM

Waco Police Dept. Fall Festival
Downtown Waco
11-2:30 PM


Toys for Tots
Indian Spring Park

Richland Mall
2-9 PM

Hewitt Elementary Fall Festival
10-1 PM

Monday, September 26, 2011

Girl Scout Store Open This Saturday

Remember--the Girl Scout Store at 3700 W Waco Drive is not open daily...It is open this Saturday, October 1st from 10:00am to 2:00pm.  be sure to take adavantage and pick up your uniform requirements and Get Moving Journeys Book!  Have a great week!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

First meeting----check!

The girls had a great first meeting! They all got to know each other and I got to learn a bit about each one if them! We went over the Girl Scouts basics and planned our activity for our next meeting-which will get us on the road toward earning our first badge! We collected a week's worth of (clean) paper trash from each household, tore it all into tiny pieces into a 5 gallon bucket and filled with water and left it to soak. Our next meeting is Monday, October 3rd at 6:15pm where we will take that bucket'o'soggymess and learn to recycle it into a gigantic sheet of paper-that we will also do something special with! The girls Aldo had "homework"!! To get each of them involved in our blog, they are to write a sentence ot two stating why they want to be a Girl Scout and what they can do as 4th and 5th graders to help our environment. I can't wait to hear what they come up with! Also, they were tasked with bringing an empty cereal box to our next meeting, that we can decorate individually (more recycling! Yay!) to organize each girls' take home papers,etc. Each girl also got instructions on her uniform needs and Journey book, craft supplies needed to fill our troop supply box, and supplies needed to construct our troop first aid kit. Glad to have to intro the fun can begin!

Remember Parents! We would love to have your help and/or participation at all meetings/events. I just require the volunteer background form and registration prior to your participation.

Coming soon! Nut sales!!
Gwen Parmer

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Welcome to Troop 7013!

We are official!!
Our troop number is 7013.
Our first meeting is Thursday, September 22 at 6:15-7:15.
***Please bring one grocery sack of recycled paper trash from this week-junk mail, graded papers, grocery lists, newspaper, etc.
For those of you wanting to go ahead and get uniforms and books- here is what we need!  You will have to get these items from Girl Scout shop on Waco Drive
Juniors Journeys book-Get Moving
1 green Juniors sash $7.50 ( I bought extra long for Paige)
1 flag emblem (ironon) $1.75
1 central Tx girl scout ID set (ironon) $4.00
4 numbers for troop number on sash (ironon) $1.25 each x4 equals $5.00
1 junior tab $2.50
1 100 year pin $3.00
1 world trefoil pin $2.25
1 contemporary pin $2.00
1 GS ladybug pin $1.00 (used in lieu of troop patch)

You can purchase any white shirt and kacki pants/skirt from your favorite retailer- or use what you have at home!
Troop leader: Gwen
Assistants: Brandy, Becky and Shannon