Saturday, September 17, 2011

Welcome to Troop 7013!

We are official!!
Our troop number is 7013.
Our first meeting is Thursday, September 22 at 6:15-7:15.
***Please bring one grocery sack of recycled paper trash from this week-junk mail, graded papers, grocery lists, newspaper, etc.
For those of you wanting to go ahead and get uniforms and books- here is what we need!  You will have to get these items from Girl Scout shop on Waco Drive
Juniors Journeys book-Get Moving
1 green Juniors sash $7.50 ( I bought extra long for Paige)
1 flag emblem (ironon) $1.75
1 central Tx girl scout ID set (ironon) $4.00
4 numbers for troop number on sash (ironon) $1.25 each x4 equals $5.00
1 junior tab $2.50
1 100 year pin $3.00
1 world trefoil pin $2.25
1 contemporary pin $2.00
1 GS ladybug pin $1.00 (used in lieu of troop patch)

You can purchase any white shirt and kacki pants/skirt from your favorite retailer- or use what you have at home!
Troop leader: Gwen
Assistants: Brandy, Becky and Shannon