Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why Do I Want To Be A Girl Scout?

I recently asked the girls to answer this question....And here are the answers!

"It is something new I want to try."-Elisabeth
"I want to have fun experiences with girls my age."-Paige
"A girl at my school is one plus Paige was going to be with me and it sounded really fun too."-Taylor
"I like the feeling to get rewarded for doing good things so I am doing a good thing and getting badges is my reward."- Sophia
"To learn about nature and to meet new friends"-Daia
"To learn about nature and to help others"-Aubrey

"I am so very proud of these girls and look forward to learning with them all the fun and rewarding lessons that go along with Girl Scouts!"-Gwen

Reminder! meeting tomorrow!  4:00-5:30--bring your nut sales forms and any money you have collected thus far.  also bring $10 if you plan to participate in this weekends' Junior Badge Day on Saturday from 2:00-6:00 at University High School.  The girls also were tasked with writing their Energy Pledges (Page 20 in Get Moving book), bringing white recyclable paper, and a smile!