Saturday, October 22, 2011

Waco Fly In Was SOOO Much Fun!

Thank you so much to the Bronze Eagles Flying Club and all the other supporters and volunteers who worked hard today on this event.  Seven girls from our troop, Elisabeth, Taylor, Naishka, Hope, Aubrey, Paige, and Maggie participated.  They learned all about flying airplanes from a local flight instructor who told them that girls make better pilots!  That got them interested!!  They learned about 2 of the first female African American pilots from a very entertaining actress, drew pictures of different air and space craft, and visited with Air Force pilots.  They even met and talked with a real live astronaut, Alvin Drew!  The highlight was that they got to fly with some real Central Texas pilots who volunteered their time and gas to inspire these kiddos to love flying.  After a few nervous jitters they all jumped in, buckled up, and put their headphones on, and off they went!  I was so proud of all of them and they were extremely proud of themselves!  They finished up by exploring a military helicopter and talking with a Sheriff's Department helicopter pilot. These girls received a participation patch and have also earned the Girl Scouts Aerospace Badge.  Congrats Girls!  I had a blast!