Thursday, October 13, 2011

We earned our first badge!

We accomplished a ton at our meeting yesterday!  We gathered up our nut sales forms and after inputting into the NUT-E system our girls earned over $1,000!  We recapped over what we had learned in our Get Moving book about energy and then took a walk outside to observe and report on different types of energy.  We saw the wind, the power lines, the bugs, animals, Taylor jumping, some bricklayers, and American Airlines flew over right on cue to give us another example!  Afterwards, we completed a second recycling project using styrofoam ornaments that were being thrown away, leftover scrapbooking supplies, knotted up ribbon, and glue and created the cutest recycled ghosts Halloween decorations I've ever seen!  With all these tasks completed, the girls have earned their "ENERGIZE" badge!  YAY!  We discussed how next meeting we will have a Halloween Party and make all kinds of Spooky treats on Thursday, October 27, 2011 from 6:15-7:30.  Each girl was given a sign with their two items to bring.  Also each girl should bring an empty soda can as we will start our "JEWELER" badge by make recycled jewelry.  Keep working at selling the magazine subscriptions and renewels until October 31, 2011-proceeds stay with our troop!  Good job Troop 7013!