Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Help needed by all

We have 5 days left to sell cookies....as a troop we have about 243 boxes of cookies left to sell.  What does that mean?  Everyone must sell all cookies in their possession AND we have to work together to sell at least 200 of the cookies left in troop inventory or we will not receive our troop profit from cookie sales of around $850.00.  So how are we going to do this? 
1.  EVERYONE should contact me today to pickup a few boxes of cookies that you are CERTAIN you can sell today and tomorrow.
2.  EVERYONE should plan to come to the Dollar General in China Spring on Thursday from 4:30 until ? to work together as a troop to sell as many cookies as we can. 
3.  The rest of the cookies will be handed out to the girls signed up for booths on Friday and Saturday.  Consider going to these booths-even if you are not signed up in order to help our troop sell all its inventory.

Friday's booth is at the Family Dollar Store in China Spring from 4pm to 8pm.
Saturday's booth is at Belk in Waco from 10am to noon.

I listed the ones we have the most of first so these are the ones we really need to push at the booths.
What we have:
49 PB Sandwiches
43 Thanks-A-Lots
42 Shoutouts
31 Caramel Delites
28 PB Patties
22 Lemonades
14 Thin Mints
12 Shortbread

Let's all work together to make this a fully successful cookie selling year.