Saturday, December 3, 2011

Girl Scout Outing Tonight!

You should have seen us!  After eating together in the Richland Mall food court, we headed over to Sears and checked out their jewelry counter and identified all the precious stones and jewelry we have been learning about the past few weeks.  Since we completed our necklace made from 3 elements (paper, metal, cotton) last night at our meeting--the jewelry counter lesson wrapped up the JEWELRY badge for us!  Then we started on our SAVVY SHOPPER badge by shopping for "blue purses" from 3 different stores: Sears, Dillards, and of course, Justice.  We found that the prices ranged anywhere from $18 to $300.  We found that the Justice purses were the least expensive, and 40% off! And we learned that the Dillards purses were most expensive due to most being real leather and name brands.  We then worked on our GIRL SCOUT WAY badge and walked up and down the Richland Mall singing our favorite Christmas songs.  Thank you, Hope, for being a Great! song leader!  We lifted so many spirits, and even though we were nervous and a little embarrassed at first, once we began seeing all the smiles we brought to people's faces, we started singing louder and became more confident.  We received many cheers and claps and even people who walked with us and sang!  We topped off our outing with a visit with Santa Claus and enjoying the "snow" that falls inside the Richland Mall every hour!